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Shipping Terms

Due to high demand shipping to the USA usually takes 7-20 days.
Shipping to Europe can be up to 30 days but usually less than 20 days.
Shipping to the rest of the world can be up to 35 days but usually less than 20.

Products are usually dispatched within 48 hours or sooner if we can manage it. Different products ordered at the same time may be shipped separately.

All shipping times are estimates, delivery is not 100% guaranteed in this time frame. Odins Magic is not responsible for the shipping time in the event of a delay or failed delivery by the shipping company or postal service. That said we will ensure you either get the item or your money back. This is our guarantee!

Handmade Axes and Weapons take longer to be dispatched as they are custom made to order. Manufacturing time on an Axe can take 4-12 weeks or longer depending on the demand. But is usually alot less.

By placing an order through our website you are agreeing to these terms of shipping.

Do we offer free shipping?
YES (unless we are running a limited time promotion to give away products for free in these instances we will charge for shipping)